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Personal Injury

It is important to understand what tort law is if you or someone you love has been injured. A tort, in most places, is an act of violating a public duty according to a personal injury lawyer from The Lynch Law Group. An example would be any carelessness by one party that causes another party harm or injury. The three types of torts and how they occur are generally as follows.

  1. Intentional tort.
  2. Negligence tort, and
  3. Strict liability tort.

This article will describe each of these stipulations so that you know what they are and how they may affect your claim.

Intentional torts are straightforward. An intentional tort occurs when someone violates their public duty with the intention of doing so. Individuals commit intentional torts when they consciously make physical contact with another party that causes injury or distress to that party. There are many situations where this can happen, including assaults, battery cases, trespassing, and invasions of privacy.

The negligence tort is almost as straightforward. Negligence or carelessness leads to harm or injury to another person when someone is negligent. Motor vehicle accidents are most likely to result in these kinds of torts. It is negligence when someone crashes into someone’s car after going through a red light.

In strict liability torts, contractual obligations are not met. A defective product causes injury or harm when it is used. It may not be obvious that carelessness has occurred until an injury has occurred.

If you or someone you know suffers from someone else’s negligence, ask yourself, was that negligence dangerous? Has this negligence caused you harm? A personal injury attorney should be consulted after seeking medical attention, if your answer is yes. A personal injury of any kind can be a painful experience, especially when it is caused by someone else’s negligence. For more information, contact a personal injury attorney if you or someone you know has been injured by any of the above torts, or if you are unsure.

When we fail to comply with our duties, we are held responsible. A person who has been injured may be eligible for compensation based on the details of the situation. There is typically a statute of limitations of two years for these types of cases, so you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

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