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4 Reckless Driving Myths

Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you or a loved one are in need of legal representation after being issued a traffic ticket, contact a traffic ticket attorney today for your free consultation. 

Once a reckless driving traffic ticket has been issued, the driver has no legal right to challenge it. With the help of a skilled traffic ticket attorney, reckless driving tickets can be challenged, and sometimes changed. Clients should allow their lawyer to represent their needs, and provide counsel and legal guidance during their case, and at trial. Attorneys who specialize in traffic ticket law understand the ins and outs of what these cases typically look like, and what will hopefully lead to a lesser sentence, fine, etc. Appearing before the court in front of a judge may seem overwhelming to some clients, especially if this is their first time. Clients should rest assured that their traffic ticket attorney will advocate on their behalf, and coach them on what to say, and what not to say. 

Reckless driving is always the driver’s fault, and they should fully accept the consequences of their actions, and be responsible for paying the entirety of their fines. Having experienced many reckless driving cases, traffic ticket attorneys know that there are often two sides to a story and that reckless driving in particular is not always black and white. For example, the driver may have been operating a faulty vehicle without knowing, or the speedometer may have malfunctioned. Emotional or physical trauma could have distracted the driver and impaired their judgment. 

After a ticket has been issued, reckless drivers should experience shame and guilt for their ticket. Fines, points on their licenses, and a potential criminal record can all shock a driver after they receive a ticket for reckless driving. Many individuals in that position may start to panic, unaware of what their legal options are. Thankfully, a traffic ticket attorney can help their clients understand their unique traffic ticket, and formulate a plan to take legal action. Many clients strive for a lesser sentence, a smaller fine, or the accident taken off their permanent record. Having all charges dropped is a lofty goal, but is not impossible. However, clients should remain realistic concerning their traffic ticket consequences. Experienced lawyers will assist their clients as they present their cases, gather all the evidence and facts, and work towards a more agreeable outcome, but they cannot guarantee that all charges be dropped, or that the traffic ticket will be dissolved. 

Reckless driving traffic tickets are issued only when the drivers’ speed. Contrarily, reckless driving tickets are typically given if the driver exceeds twenty-five miles per hour over the speed limit, swerves in and out of traffic lanes, drives too aggressively, or drives on the wrong side of the road.  Traffic ticket attorneys understand how one reckless driving ticket may negatively affect a driver’s life. The driver not only has the weight of a hefty fine, but potential criminal charges, insurance costs, and the pressure of appearing before a judge in court. All these things can greatly impact the driver’s mental and emotional health, sometimes causing their life, career, and relationships to suffer. Contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. today to discuss options for legally reducing the consequence of your ticket, and start living your life again.

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