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Burton Law Firm, PLLC provides personal injury and wrongful death representation.

Burton Law Firm, PLLC provides personal injury and wrongful death representation to accident and injury victims through North Carolina and the communities in Southern Virginia. We represent accident victims in personal injury, wrongful death, car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, DUI accident, and premises liability cases. Given our knowledge, experience, and reputation in the legal community, our firm is routinely brought into cases by other lawyers and law firms seeking trial or co-counsel assistance in connection with serious personal injury matters.

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Personal Injury

Burton Law Firm, PLLC has substantial experience representing individuals who have been seriously injured or killed by the wrongful conduct of another, and have represented victims of car, truck, motorcycle, and DUI accidents.

Our personal injury attorney has helped to secure more than $40 million dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of injury victims or their families throughout the States of North Carolina and Virginia. We are highly regarded in our practice area and have been recognized by multiple organizations for excellence in personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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Wrongful Death

Have you lost a spouse or loved one to the wrongful conduct of another? If so, you may have a claim under the North Carolina Wrongful Death Statute. In most cases, a wrongful death case must be filed within two years of your loved one’s death in North Carolina. Filings can only be made by the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate.

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Car Accidents

Thousands of car accidents occur each year throughout the states of North Carolina and Virginia and are the most common cause of personal injury cases. Given the prevalence of cellular phones and other hand held data devices, the Technology Age has seen a dramatic increase in serious injuries produced by car accidents. Common causes can include distracted driving, failure to reduce speed, failing to observe right-of-way and other rules of the road, and other aspects of inattention. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury as a result of a car accident, contact Burton Law Firm, PLLC today to see if we can assist with your personal injury claim.


Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can produce serious injuries including fractures, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, vertebral injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Motorcycle accidents can lead to massive medical bills and cause long-term if not permanent consequences. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted driving and inattention. Burton Law Firm routinely represents motorcycle accident victims and has the knowledge and experience necessary to determine if you have a valid claim and to maximize the compensation payable as a result of a motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait another minute, contact Burton Law Firm today to schedule a free motorcycle accident case consultation.


Trucking Accidents

If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer experienced in representing victims of accidents of this unique nature. Because trucks are the largest vehicles on the road, truck accidents can lead to incredibly serious physical and emotional damage. In addition, trucking companies are governed by a litany of complicated state and federal laws which are commonly disregarded by trucking companies in significant accident cases.

Burton Law Firm, PLLC has broad experience battling to secure compensation for individuals injured by the wrongful conduct of trucking companies and other state and federally registered motor carriers. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident, don’t delay-contact Burton Law Firm, PLLC today for a free consultation.


DUI Accidents

Despite the broad availability of ride shares, accidents caused by intoxicated drivers continue to occur in North Carolina and Southern Virginia with great frequency. DUI accidents can produce serious injuries and may entitle accident victims to punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages for their injuries, harms, and losses. If you have been a victim of a DUI accident, it is important to act quickly to preserve helpful evidence related to the other driver’s intoxication and the circumstances of your injuries. Contact Burton Law Firm today for a free case consultation with a Raleigh personal injury attorney who has significant experience holding intoxicated drivers and their insurance companies liable for the harm and damages they cause.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accident can occur anywhere, such as some else’s house, a supermarket, a restaurant or parking lot.  Property owners are generally responsible for dangerous conditions existing on their property and owe differing levels of care to visitors on their property.


Medical Malpractice

When you or a loved one has been injured at the hands of a medical professional, a medical malpractice lawyer in Raleigh, NC should be consulted. At Burton Law Firm, we believe all medical providers should be held accountable for their actions. Moreover, they should adhere to the standards of medical care which they owe to their patients. For years we have been advocating for patients who were the unfortunate victims of medical malpractice. Whether you or a loved one was harmed during a surgery, sent home from the hospital and further injured, or victimized by nursing home negligence, we want to hear from you. Call a Raleigh, NC medical malpractice lawyer now.


Premises Liability

Premises liability is defined as the liability an occupier or landowner has for any torts that occur on the property. A tort is a civil wrong that results in an injury or loss. The owner, manager, or occupier of a property has a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment to anyone who is lawfully on the property. When they fail to do so, and an injury results, compensation may be sought.

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uperb attorney! Working with Jason Burton is always a pleasure! He is extremely professional and works very hard to win every case. I find him very fair and proficient and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
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Our experience with Burton Law Firm was seamless from start to finish! We felt confident in Mr. Burton taking care of us and had no complaints throughout our claim. Our family will only use their firm in the future. If you are searching for the right firm I would highly recommend them!
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