Legal Justice If Your Civil Rights Are Violated

Although civil rights have been a major issue in the United States for decades, there have been periods of time where civil rights violations have had a particularly strong focus by the American public. We have been experiencing this kind of shift over the past several years, with more and more victims pursuing legal action against the perpetrator. Society and the legal system now understand that a victim of a civil rights violation can suffer great emotional damage that has a significant impact on other areas of their life.

A civil rights lawyer can help those who have been discriminated against because of their gender, race, sexual orientation, and more. The following are some of the more common types of discrimination that victims can pursue damages for.

Discrimination Because of Gender

It is against both federal and state laws to discriminate against a person because of their gender. Despite these laws, many women still feel violated, especially in the workplace, where historically they receive less pay than their male counterparts and often have limited opportunities for advancement.

Discrimination Because of Race

If a person is applying for a job, housing, or wants to engage in a financial transaction, no person or company is allowed to discriminate against them because of their color or race. The same holds true for an individual’s religious beliefs. If they are discriminated against, the victim can file a lawsuit against the entity that committed this illegal action.

Discrimination Because of Sexual Preference

In the United States, people are allowed to love who they love. A person cannot be discriminated against because of their sexual preference. No one who identifies as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, or gender fluid should be treated any differently because of how they identify. If an employer treats them differently or allows other employees to create a hostile work environment or harass that individual, this is a serious violation of the law.

Discrimination Because of Age

Unfortunately, we live in a society that tries to measure a person’s value by youth, however, both federal and state laws have been put in place that prohibits employers from discriminating against a person because of how old they are. Any employee who is being forced to take early retirement or has been passed over for a promotion simply because of their age should contact a civil rights lawyer.

Discrimination Because of a Disability

Another reason for a victim to file a civil rights lawsuit is because they have been discriminated against because they are disabled. Laws are in place that bar an employer from refusing to hire, promote, or provide the same benefits as other employees receive because an employee is disabled. There are also laws that require businesses, housing, and even government agencies to ensure that disabled people have access to their locations.

Contact a Civil Rights Violation Law Firm Today

If you have been a victim of discrimination and think your civil right have been violated, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To learn more, call an experienced attorney, like a Des Moines, IA civil rights lawyer from a law firm like Des Moines Injury Law.

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