What You Need to Know About Pain & Suffering Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

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What is “pain and suffering?” It’s a term you will hear over and over again in relation to personal injury cases.

According to Law.com, pain and suffering is:

“the physical and mental distress suffered from an injury, including actual broken bones and internal ruptures, but also the aches, pain, temporary and permanent limitations on activity, potential shortening of life, depression and embarrassment from scarring, all of which are part of the ‘general damages’ recoverable by someone injured by another’s negligence or intentional attack. The dollar value of damages for pain and suffering is subjective, as distinguished from medical bills, future medical costs and lost wages which can be calculated, called ‘special damages.’”

Quantifying Your Pain and Suffering in North Carolina

If you are the victim of an accident involving the wrongful conduct of another, it’s important to understand how insurance companies typically place value on your pain and suffering. This will help you to characterize and present your case, particularly for those harder-to-quantify incidences of pain and suffering that you might be experiencing as a result of an accident or traumatic event.

For instance, emotional distress is an incredibly common occurrence in personal injury cases that involve workplace injury, car accidents, and drunk driving accidents. Emotional distress often has far-reaching, life-altering consequences for individuals involved in these cases. Often times, individuals are no longer able to function optimally, work in their field of employment, and/or meet their basic needs and responsibilities. Emotional distress is very real, and yet it is often hard to demonstrate to insurance companies and to a judge. It needs to be done so with skill and acuity.

If you can effectively demonstrate your pain and suffering, you have a better chance of being fairly compensated with a settlement to help you support your healing and move forward in life. In order to maximize your settlements related to these hard-to-quantify damages, you will want to obtain experienced legal representation.

Connecting With an Attorney Who Understands Pain and Suffering


personal injury lawyer work with an experienced lawyer who can help you to document the symptoms, limitations, and medical treatments sought in relation to your pain and suffering in a personal injury case. The legal statements presented in court are crucial to the outcome of your case, and must be crafted with care.

An experienced personal injury attorney will not only guide you in building your case, but will also advise you in your daily choices during the sensitive time when your case is open, such as how engage in social media.

At Burton Law Firm, we understand the vast scope of economic and non-economic damages suffered during accidents and events that result in personal injury. We are passionate and experienced in making a strong legal argument demonstrating the entire scope of your damages and experiences in relation to pain and suffering, including emotional distress, financial hardship, and medical conditions.

Schedule a free consultation with Burton Law Firm. We offer a listening ear, support, and guidance through the complicated personal injury or wrongful death litigation process. Call Jason Burton and his team on 833-623-0042.

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