What Should Cyclists Do After Being Hit By a Car?

Bike Accident Attorney

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity enjoyed by millions. The downside is that riders are vulnerable to reckless drivers and traveling alongside traffic is often scary. If you are stricken while going for a spin, you might sustain injuries that make you want to seek compensation. Here’s what you should do in the event you are hit while biking.

Speak With Police

Remain where you are until the police arrive and give them your version of the events. Talk with them even if you believe you haven’t been hurt. Sometimes, injuries are not immediately apparent and surface later. Should this be the case, you will want your side of the story to be part of the official record. Staying put also means you may witness the cops issuing the driver a ticket, which may make settling with the at-fault individual’s insurance company easier.

Attorneys, like Barry P. Goldberg, encourage their clients to be pleasant, but to not discuss fault with the driver. Anything you say cannot contribute toward settling the case and your interactions could trigger an altercation. Allow the courts to decide who is to blame. 

Disclose Everything

Insist that your observations be incorporated into the crash report. Be thorough. State exactly what you experienced that suggests the other party caused the incident. Mention any pains, no matter how minor. If you are unable to issue your statement at the scene of the accident, speak with officers later and have the report amended.

Gather Information

Unfortunately, not all representatives of the law can be depended upon to fulfill their due diligence. Be proactive when it comes to obtaining the driver’s address, phone number, license plate and insurance details. Speak with anyone who witnessed the accident. Write down their names and contact information in case their testimony in court becomes necessary. Preserve any damage your bike or helmet has sustained and take pictures. Do not throw anything away or get anything fixed until after the related legal proceedings have concluded.

Seek Medical Assistance

Have your injuries assessed as soon as possible. Documentation showing that you sought a doctor’s assistance is vital to proving you were hurt. Photograph injuries from multiple angles and save any paperwork that you receive.

After the preceding measures have been taken, contact a bicycle accident lawyer to prepare your lawsuit. Consulting with a Simi Valley, CA bike accident attorney experienced in these incidents will vastly increase your odds of being awarded compensation for any pain and suffering you have endured.

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