Types of Damages in a Dog Bite Case - Types of Damages in a Dog Bite Case

Types of Damages in a Dog Attack Case

Dog Bite Lawyer

When dog owners fail to secure their pet in their home or outside with a leash, their dog can injure innocent people or animals. It is up to the owner to ensure that their dog does not endanger others. If you have been attacked by a dog, a dog bite lawyer can help you recover damages. Learn what type of damages you can claim if you were bitten by a dog due to an irresponsible and negligent owner. 

Lost Wages

If you are with multiple injuries after suffering a dog bite, you likely will not be able to work any time soon. This can result in a sharp decrease to your income. You may not be able to go back to work for weeks or months. When you hire a dog bite lawyer, they will calculate the wages that you lost so that it can be included in your list of damages.  

Medical Treatment 

Getting care for a dog bite may come with many medical expenses. A dog bite requires immediate medical treatment. In addition to blood loss, another reason to get medical help is that you don’t know what kind of diseases the dog may have. Rabies is a deadly disease, and not every dog might be up to date on its vaccines. You should not have to pay out of pocket for treatment, so a dog bite lawyer for getting compensation for all medical expenses.

Pain and Suffering 

A dog bite can cause victims to suffer from physical and psychological trauma. Pain and suffering are damages that refer to both physical and mental injuries. It is a broad form of damages that covers many forms of harm. In addition to economic damages, this includes anxiety, depression, torment, anguish and sleep problems. 


Dogs are powerful animals. Even smaller dogs are capable of inflicting serious harm. A dog bite can cause disfigurement, especially if the victim is bit in the face, ears and neck. A lawyer will fight for you if you have been disfigured as a result of a devastating dog bite. 

Take action now to see whether or not you are able to recover compensation. Learn more about the types of damages that you can receive if you have been a victim of a dog attack and talk to a dog bite lawyer right away. 

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