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Personal Injury Lawyer in Raleigh, NCPersonal Injury Lawyer in Raleigh, NC

Being raised in Jamestown North Carolina as the third son in a family of four boys, a lifelong athlete and natural competitor means that Jason Burton has seen his share of injuries. Boys play rough and athletes play even harder. But that’s not why you should go to Burton Law Firm for all of your personal injury lawyer needs in Raleigh, NC. You should go to Burton Law Firm because Jason Burton is a fifth-generation trial lawyer. If Mr. Burton doesn’t know the answer to your question, someone else in his family is going to know the answer to your question.

Burton Law Firm and Jason Burton focus on catastrophic injury, motor vehicle accidents, and wrongful death cases. He is the son of a career-long insurance defense attorney and this means that he has a detailed understanding of how insurance companies evaluate and handle injury claims. 

Before you reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC, you should ensure that you understand what is considered a personal injury and what is not. It is a very broad category and can include everything from wrongful death, personal injury, auto accidents, medical malpractice, and more. 

It is estimated that millions of people are injured each year in motor vehicle accidents. If you’re not in the car, you can still be a pedestrian or bike writer who is injured in an accident with the car. 

When it comes to medical malpractice, the negligence of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other medical professionals can cause serious injuries that sometimes affect you for your whole life. There are many types of medical malpractice errors such as misdiagnoses, improper treatment, surgical errors, medical mistakes, pharmacy errors, birth injury, and failure to diagnose cancer or other serious health conditions. These cases are extremely complex and require somebody with a firm hand and a firm understanding of the law surrounding these cases. Burton Law Firm is the firm with that experience, you can trust them to fully evaluate your case and go through your records for answers.

Wrongful death is quite literally when somebody dies because of someone else’s carelessness. A workplace accident is another type of personal injury, whether someone is killed or injured, it can still be tried for personal injury. 

Premises liability is when someone is liable for accidents caused by dangerous or defective conditions on their land. This could be falling in a restaurant because they have a busted pipe that they know about and did not fix or another area that should have been attended to and was not. Another example of premises liability is if you are invited onto someone’s property and they are aware that they have a potentially dangerous area on their property and they do not warn you. By not warning you, they are now liable if you become injured on their property.

Let Mr. Burton help you maximize your personal injury compensation as your personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC. Trust Burton Law Firm with your case.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

One of the most important reasons why accident victims should hire a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC is then the lawyer can deal with the insurance company that is representing the at-fault party. Insurance companies are in business to make money and anytime they need to pay out money to victims, that settlement cuts into their profits. Insurance companies have notorious reputations for manipulating victims into saying things that sound as if they are admitting fault to an accident. In fact, insurance adjusters even receive special training in how to interview victims to obtain that kind of result in conversations about the accidents. All of those conversations are taped and can be used as evidence as justification in denying a claim.

Insurance Company Forms

Another trick that insurance companies use to try to get out of paying victims the rightful financial compensation they deserve is requesting they sign certain forms. The insurance adjuster may even lie to the victim that their claim can not move forward unless they sign all of these forms.

Victims need to understand that under no circumstances should they ever sign any document without first consulting with their Raleigh, NC personal injury lawyer. Some of the most common forms signatures are requested on include the following:

  •       Authorization to release medical history: The insurance company may claim that they need you to sign this medical authorization release request because HIPAA regulations bar any medical professionals you are seeing from releasing any medical information about you without your permission. Although this is legally true, the insurance company does not need this authorization to process your claim. Your attorney will help you in obtaining all medical records and documentation that has anything to do with the injuries you sustained in the accident. What the insurance company is really trying to do is look to see if you have any prior injuries or medical conditions they can use against you to deny your claim.
  •       Release of liability: When a victim and an insurance company agree on a settlement amount, the victim is required to sign a release of liability form. This form does just that – releases the insurance company of any future liability of any issues the victim may have due to the accident. Once the victim signs, there is no going back if injuries turn out to be more significant than originally thought, something that is quite common in accidents. This is why insurance companies will often try pressuring victims to settle and sign right away before the full extent of the injury damage is known. Victims should never sign any release of liability or accept any settlement offer before at least consulting with a personal injury attorney.

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