How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have been injured in North Carolina, you may be looking for a personal injury attorney. Before you hire an attorney, there are several factors you will want to consider. The personal injury team at Burton Law Firm put together this guide to help you make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

COST – In North Carolina, most personal injury attorneys represent clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney gets paid a percentage of what they recover for the client, and they usually only get paid their attorney fee when/if they recover money for the client. Additionally, most (but not all!) injury law firms will provide potential clients with a free consultation. This gives you a chance to ask questions, learn more about the attorney and his or her firm, and find out what legal rights and options are available to you. Look for a personal injury attorney who will represent you on a contingency fee basis and who will provide a free consultation.

EXPERIENCE – Were you injured in a wreck with an 18-wheeler or a drunk driver? Or maybe you suffered a traumatic brain injury or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. No matter what happened, you will want to make sure you find a personal injury attorney with experience handling cases like yours.

LOCATION – Do you live in North Carolina? Did your injuries happen in North Carolina? If so, chances are you will want and need a North Carolina personal injury attorney. Additionally, you may choose to hire an attorney with an office close to where you live, but if you’re considering a firm located in another part of the state, check with them about their virtual capabilities. For example, are they able to send you documents to sign using software such as Adobe Sign or DocuSign, or will they require you to come into the office each time? Will you be able to exchange documents using something like Dropbox, or will you need to use the post office?

SIZE OF FIRM – North Carolina personal injury law firms range in size from a single attorney firm to a national firm with offices all across the country. There are pros and cons to the various size law firms. For example, a large firm may have access to more attorneys and large resources, but you may be only a number whereas the service you receive at a smaller firm is often much more personalized and tailored to you and your case.

ACCESSIBILITY – Being injured can be one of the most overwhelming feelings. You’re probably dealing with doctor appointments, surgeries, medical bills, and lost time at work. You probably also have a lot of questions such as how to file an injury claim in North Carolina, if you’ll have to go to court for your case, when you’ll be able to recover money for your injuries, and more. You deserve to have an attorney who is accessible to you, willing to make time for you, and able to answer your questions. Make sure you choose a firm that makes it easy for you to reach an attorney or paralegal by phone or email. You want an injury lawyer who is dedicated to you, your recovery, and your future.

At Burton Law Firm, you are our priority, and we’re focused on helping you recover what you deserve for everything you’ve been through. Our NC injury lawyers are experienced litigators who have handled a wide variety of cases including 18-wheeler wrecks, DUI wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death, and more. If you have questions, contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll answer your questions, talk with you about your case, and discuss your legal rights and options.

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