Finding A Wrongful Death Lawyer

Our wrongful death lawyer has seen firsthand the pain families experience after the untimely passing of a loved one. Grief can be even more complex when a person has lost a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another person or entity, making the coping process even more challenging to contend with. When facing situations of this nature, eligible family members should turn to and area law firm for support in seeking justice and compensation for their losses. While nothing can fully rectify the situation or bring back the person who has passed, legal action gives families much-needed closure and the opportunity to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. The following are critical steps that should be taken when searching for an experienced lawyer:

Step 1: Gather Information About the Death

While grief can be consuming, and legal action may be a distant thought, it’s crucial to initiate the process by gathering as much information as possible. Anything surrounding the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death, including police reports, medical records, eyewitness statements, and more, can help reach the best outcome possible. Much of the time, a lawyer can also help to gather evidence as well. The more information the lawyer has, the better they will be able to evaluate the case and determine whether there is a strong likelihood of success.

Step 2: Research and Select a Lawyer

Once all evidence is gathered, eligible family members should initiate the process of identifying a lawyer with experience in representing cases of this nature. Start the process by researching online, asking for referrals, and gaining insight into their track record. Choosing a lawyer with experience in representing wrongful death cases is essential. In addition, prospective clients should also carefully prepare for their consultation by putting together a list of questions and bringing all available evidence. 

Step 3: Schedule a Consultation

Once the family has narrowed a list of prospective lawyers, they should schedule a consultation to discuss the case. During the consultation, the lawyer will ask questions to better understand the circumstances surrounding the death and advise the family on the best course of action. In addition, victims’ families should also interview the lawyer to ensure they are the right professional for the case. 

Step 4: File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

After reviewing the case, a lawyer can determine whether prospective clients have a strong case that can be filed on behalf of the estate. Typically there are two options, either pursuing a claim with the insurance company or moving directly toward a lawsuit. Often, a lawyer will recommend that the family first pursue a claim with the insurance company. If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. 

Step 5: Gather Evidence and Build the Case

Before filing a legal claim, a lawyer will help gather evidence and build the legal case against the negligent party. The process may involve:

  • Conducting Interviews
  • Gathering Medical Records
  • Reviewing Accident Details and Injuries
  • Gathering Accident Reports
  • Valuing the Possible Damages

With this evidence, a lawyer will work to tie the evidence to the legal claim, proving that the responsible party’s negligent or wrongful actions caused harm to the victim. 

Step 6: Negotiate a Settlement or Go to Trial

Once the appropriate evidence has been gathered, a claim is submitted to the insurance company. An insurance adjuster will be assigned to the case and begin reviewing the information. They will likely have additional follow-up questions which a lawyer can assist the plaintiff with. The insurance company will either propose a settlement or deny the legal claim. Typically this is the point by which the negotiation process begins. If a settlement cannot be reached, it may be necessary to pursue a lawsuit. 

Losing a loved one profoundly impacts all who knew and loved the person. Taking the necessary steps toward hiring an experienced lawyer can help families to seek justice and compensation for their losses. The best way to achieve the desired outcome is by seeking guidance from a lawyer, which can be initiated by seeking a consultation. 


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