Distracted Drivers & Your Personal Injury Case

DUI Accidents

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are happening more and more frequently as a result of drivers distracted by the use of cellular phones and electronic devices. The unsettling truth is that this practice of handling smartphones and other devices while driving is pervasive, but it doesn’t carry the same harsh social stigma of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Despite this dangerous habit being less taboo than other destructive or harmful tendencies, the implications are real, and sometimes fatal.

Texting, Driving & the Law

In North Carolina, drivers can legally hold their phones to their ears to take phone calls in a moving vehicle. However, any other use of a cell phone or handheld device is in violation of the law, and this includes texting, reading and sending emails and messages, browsing the internet, and/or pushing multiple buttons on a device. The operation of GPS applications may be the only exception to these laws.

Other Forms of Distracted Driving

While texting and driving is one of the most pervasive forms of “distracted driving,” there are other activities that are identified as such. Those activities include eating and driving, managing pets or children in the backseat of your vehicle, bending over or turning around, fiddling with an entertainment system, and any other activity that takes the driver’s focus away from driving their vehicle.

Were You the Victim of a Distracted Driver in a Car Accident?

Are you a Raleigh-area driver, pedestrian, or cyclist hit by a distracted driver? Whether you are certain of the circumstances surrounding your accident, or you are seeking clarity in your case and suspect that the offending driver was distracted, you need a knowledgeable attorney to assist with your case. Let the experienced legal team at Burton Law Firm offer guidance and help you to ascertain whether or not the driver who caused you injury was operating a device while driving. We’re seasoned in identifying information critical to the outcome of your personal injury case. We obtain cell phone records and other essential pieces of evidence in proving the sequence of events surrounding your accident and establishing the liability of the offending party.

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