Common Reasons for Auto Accidents and How Attorneys Prove Them in Court

There are many reasons why you may become a victim of an auto accident. Unless you are entirely at fault, you deserve payment for your injuries. The nature of your litigation depends, in part, on what happened and why. Here’s an overview of some of the most common triggers for why crashes occur.

Distracted Driving

Those behind the wheel are expected to devote 100% of their attention to the operation of their vehicle. Nevertheless, some cannot resist the temptation to text or apply makeup during their commute. Believe it or not, some are deluded into thinking they can simultaneously read and keep their eyes on the road. An auto accident lawyer like one from Yearin Law Firm has ways of determining proof that a driver engaged in inappropriate activity that caused an accident, such as getting police reports and gathering witness testimony.

Intoxicated Driving

Everyone understands that driving while inebriated is against the law. However, the pull of addiction is sometimes too much for sufferers to overcome. The prescription drug epidemic has worsened this problem. Some are unaware that the medicines they’re taking have powerful side effects. They’re under the impression that prescribed medications are always safe. Although not the number one cause of crashes, they are the most deadly. Sales receipts from liquor stores and doctor’s records can bolster the legal argument that a driver is liable.

Reckless Driving

Speeding and aggressive lane changes are two examples of unsafe driving. When someone decides to ignore traffic laws, that person puts the lives of others, as well as themselves, at risk. Modern vehicles have cameras and black box recorders that create evidence of how they’re operated. Lawyers with experience litigating wrecks are skilled at presenting this evidence to a judge and jury.

Bad Weather Driving

Posted speed limits only apply when the weather is clear. When rain or snow is falling, drivers are expected to drive slower and with greater caution. Nevertheless, there’s a sense of invincibility that some, especially young people, feel when they’re behind the wheel. These drivers may lack respect for the danger that comes with suboptimal road conditions. Authorities occasionally issue advisories to stay home that these individuals ignore. When there is video surveillance that someone caused an accident by driving carelessly during poor weather, a practiced attorney can use that footage to prove fault.

There are many reasons why someone may be responsible for an auto collision. Regardless of blame, the cost of treating related injuries can be exorbitant. Hire an auto accident attorney to haul the driver who’s responsible into court.

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