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Measuring the Impact of Our Work

Measuring Work Our firm’s mission is to protect your rights and maximize your personal injury compensation by providing an honest, responsive, and results-driven legal service. We focus on all elements of personal injury law, including wrongful death cases, premises liability accidents, car, motorcycle, and bike accidents, and accidents caused by intoxicated or distracted drivers.

The most gratifying part of our work is restoring hope in our clients’ lives and helping them recover after tragedy strikes. We take great pride in the partnerships we establish with our clients and the trust we have built within our community.

Personal Injury Client Testimonials

Hear from some of our current and former clients on their experiences in working with Burton Law Firm, and get in touch for your free legal consultation today. We also invite you to browse a collection of our recent cases and their results. We’re proud of our track record of successfully fighting on behalf of our clients. We look forward to communicating with you or a loved one and to helping secure the future you deserve.

I am continually impressed by Jason's knowledge of the law. He is able to get great results on behalf of his clients in a timely fashion and is well respected by fellow lawyers. We have together in the past and I look forward to it in the future! You should hire him if you have a case!

- Chris Anglin

Superb attorney! Working with Jason Burton is always a pleasure! He is extremely professional and works very hard to win every case. I find him very fair and proficient and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

- Jodi Thomas

Mr. Burton was instrumental in achieving a satisfactory settlement in my personal injury case. His good guidance was not only a comfort along the way but more importantly he explained the judicial process in layman's terms and answered any and all of my questions in a timely and thorough manner. My injury was the result of a recreational airplane crash. Even though I signed a waiver, enough evidence was brought forth to show there was negligence leading to the settlement. As a retired business executive I know a bit about excellence in the legal and business world. Mr. Burton exemplified this attribute. It was a pleasure working with he and his group.

- Edward

I could not be happier
After I was struck and run over by a drunk driver, I tried to find a lawyer to represent me, but I was instead met only no callbacks and vague statements that their caseloads were full. Apparently my case was not simple or easy enough for other attorneys. I had just about given up trying to find representation when my father found the excellent reviews for Jason Burton and suggested that I give him a call. I'm exceedingly glad that I did.

Jason was incredibly professional and helpful during this particularly stressful time in my life. Jason listened carefully and provided excellent advice. I could not be happier with my choice of attorney. Because of Jason's efforts, I was awarded the maximum amount possible from both the drunk driver's insurance company and my own insurance plan's under-insured motorist coverage.

While I at first felt hopeless about being able to recover anything from the insurance companies, Jason turned that around. I highly recommend Jason Burton for any personal injury or accident case.

- Stephen

Rear-ended MVA
I was referred through a family member and we could not be more pleased with his service. I had never been in a car accident before, he walked us through every step of what we needed to do and what he was doing. He maintained weekly updates and contacted all insurances, hospitals, and parties involved. It still took over a year to resolve but that was insurances and hospitals, he was on top of getting paperwork and bills done. He got every bit of money he could and worked with delineating the money as well. Absolutely recommend this lawyer!

- Shelby

Thank you Jason for helping us navigate through the settlement process from our accident. Your kindness, compassion, and thorough knowledge of our rights helped us get a fair settlement. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone I know!! Thanks again,

- Dale

In December 2012 my family was very lucky to obtain Attorney Burton as our attorney. He fought for us tooth and nail endlessly on our case from the time we became his client.

As our attorney, Attorney Burton has fought for us as he was fighting in court for his very own family. Attorney Burton was very tentatively on understanding, as well as listening to our concerns and future needs to be met, due to the injuries that we obtained in our accident; and the needs that we will need to seek in our lawsuit for future damages. Due to no fault to my family the company which we sued was at fault and was very negligent for the cause of our injuries; and so Attorney Burton added to our lawsuit punitive damages and which we had a gracious victory in that portion of our lawsuit judgement as well.

The amazing characteristics about how Attorney Burton worked so hard for my family is how he preformed in the court room and the research he done for our case was incredible remarkable. When it came to trial he showed up and showed out with out any stops; he reached and gained knowledge of my case to there was no more fight in the end; which we were so gracious to God for him for that hunger to win justice for our family. He had researched so much and was so well prepared than the other side that the judge called him, " a viking," because he was not going down without fight for my family, with previous cases to back up his reasons on why we should win our case as well as for punitive judgement. We was also very grateful because each step of the way he was encouraging and made sure we understood every process and step that was taking place on our case. If we was not sure on what was the process and needed him to break it down to us he was very patient in doing so, with each one of us, which I am grateful for as well. Attorney Burton answered any questions and did not make you feel small about asking them; because in his word, "no question is a dumb question."

We were so grateful for the outcome of our case that we often referral his firm every chance and opportunity that we get to give people his name and number.

Sincerely Grateful

- Anonymous

Jason was amazing to work with! We had a hot water heater bust and several issues take place with the disaster relief company. Jason was very knowledgeable about everything involved in the process and thoroughly read through all the documentation needed for the case. We are so thankful for all of the hard work Jason put into our case and his thoroughness and professionalism!

- Anonymous

I was injured in a car accident and tried to negotiate my claim with the other drivers insurance company. I gave my medical records and information to the insurance company and all they did was request more information, delay the processing of my claim, and dispute my medical charges and treatment. All that changed when I hired Jason. Within a matter of months, he was able to resolve my case, which helped me put the accident behind me. From the beginning, I could tell that Jason was experienced, diligent, respectful, and had my best interest in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason Burton to my family and friends.

- Anonymous

When my wife was tragically killed by a drunk driver, my step-son and I were approached by many law firms with expectations of multi-million settlements that of course they would earn their fee on. Fortunately, we were referred by a family friend to Jason Burton.

When the initial discovery indicated that the drunk driver's estate had no assets or big insurance policies, the other law firms quickly melted away sensing we were not worth their time and effort. At this time it became apparent what they cared about - it was about the money and not us that lost a new wife and beloved mother. Jason assured us he was not representing us to get rich off of our tragedy. He was very empathetic and patient in the following weeks, then months that we grieved. Yet it was Jason and his team of experts that eventually worked through the long process to get my step-son and me a fair settlement. I'm sure we would have received nothing if it wasn't for Jason's perseverance in successfully working through the process to leave no stone unturned.

I believe God blessed us by separating the wheat from the chaff. When tragedy strikes and you need someone representing your interests, consider adding Jason Burton to your team.

- Ted Dann

I was the victim of a car accident involving multiple cars when I was 5 weeks pregnant with twins. Needless to say this was an emotional time for me and our family. I contacted Jason upon a recommendation from my husband's coworker. From beginning to end Jason was nothing but diligent, understanding, knowledgeable and extremely professional. I recommend Jason without hesitation hands down. He really made me feel like my case mattered - even though it was a relatively minor one. He was a pleasure to work with. If you need a lawyer in the Triangle area, hire him!

- Anonymous

I was the victim of a car accident hit from behind by an uninsured motorist driving a rental car in VA (I live in NC). I was suffering much pain and tried to negotiate the settlement on my own since it was out of state. I was referred to Jason who had multiple jurisdiction and was incredibly grateful!l From the very beginning I felt that I had been seen and heard and was very well represented. Jason ALWAYS made me feel that my case was as important as any other case he was attending to. Jason is extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand (explains in laymen terms, and very prompt and courteous. He is on YOUR SIDE! Thanks to Jason, I received a better settlement than I could have gotten on my own. Definitely thrilled to have found Jason....and referred several people to him since!

- Yvonne

Jason handles a large majority of legal documents for my small business. I have never had an issue with promptness, or quality of work. In fact, Jason was able to make some suggestions in the best interest of my company outside of initial parameters of perceived need. I've known Jason since his undergrad years, but working side by side with him in business has given me great insight to the passion he has for doing everything within his power to fight for, and even the playing field for the common man or woman. That is a quality that I can get behind 100%. I highly recommend anyone needing legal help within, or out of Jason's scope of practice to contact him. If it is something that he cannot take care of directly, I can speak from experience as recently as this week, that he will work to find the right person for you as if it was his own case. Keep fighting the good fight Jason!

- William