Avoid These Common Personal Injury Case Mistakes

Motorcycle Accidents

When you have suffered personal injuries due to the wrongful conduct of another, you have a very small window of time to make several important decisions. Whether you are a pedestrian, bike rider, driver, or worker who has been injured, the aftermath of such an event is time-consuming, disruptive, and overwhelming. You’re head is spinning and you might even be fighting for your life.

At Burton Law Firm, we are all too familiar with this unpredictable turn of events in our clients’ lives. Without an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, it’s hard for people to discern exactly which actions are helpful or harmful, particularly as they begin to cope and recover from their injury. Allow us to share the top three (avoidable) mistakes we see time and again by victims of accidents. personal injury case raleigh nc

1. DON’T Talk About Your Case!

This includes speaking with insurance companies and posting on social media about the specifics of your case.

Don’t give insurance company representatives a statement without consulting an experienced personal injury attorney. The statements you give to the defendant’s insurance company will more than likely be weaponized in any way possible, so as to downplay the seriousness of your suffering, injuries, and/or damages incurred. Learn more about how to engage with insurance companies after an accident here.

You might also be tempted to vent about your case or on social media, to a sympathetic audience comprised of family and friends. Please don’t give into this temptation! You may end up in trouble. At Burton Law Firm PLLC, we advise our clients to suspend social media activities immediately after an accident occurs, enact the most stringent privacy settings, and refuse “friend” or “follow” requests from unknown individuals while your claim or lawsuit is on-going. You may be surprised how seemingly benevolent content and interactions can be used against you in court.

2. DON’T Ignore Your Doctors’ Orders or Fail to Seek Medical Treatment

You will need to demonstrate to the insurance company or the court that you are actively committed to your recovery and that your suffering, injuries, and damages are real. The only way to effectively prove this is through consistent treatment and by carefully following your doctors’ orders and treatment plans.

As soon as your injury occurs, seek immediate medical treatment. For the best possible outcome in your case, you should have a history of receiving treatments directly after the accident, which will illustrate that your recovery is financially and emotionally expensive, stressful and time-consuming.

Don’t skip the emergency room after your accident, don’t opt out of treatment, and don’t fail to show up to your medical appointments.

3. DON’T File Claims Without an Attorney!

Perhaps this one is obvious but given the serious nature of your case and the potential to receive a fair settlement, you’ll need to file your claim meticulously, and with the guidance of a trusted and experienced attorney fluent in personal injury law. Insurance companies act ruthlessly to save themselves the large expenses of paying for the associated damages and injuries related to personal injury cases. In order to achieve the best results for your recovery, we strongly advise that you retain a law firm.

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